En hel dag på jobben

Noen ganger er det veldig fint å jobbe i dyrebutikken og ha mulighet til å ta med hundene på jobb. Spesielt dager da sjefen kontakter deg med ordene «KRISE». Halv ni i går morges fikk jeg spørsmål om ikke jeg

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Winter Wonderland

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Luna getting a new friend and more training

The last few weeks have been very busy. I’ve gotten more hours at work, which I am very happy about, but this also means less time for everything else, including blogging, photography, and everything else there is to do with

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Camping near «Langvann» in Norway

From Sunday to Monday I was out camping with my dogs. It was supposed to be from Sunday to Saturday, but due to the fact that both Hugin and I got hurt and that Luna wasn’t able to relax, we

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The greatness of the Norwegian summer!

If there’s something we up here in the cold north know to appreciate, it’s the summer! This year the summer was late. It’s been cold, dark and rainy, and it’s still wet and rainy. However, we’ve had several sunny days

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Pictures from meeting the German Pinscher Sorrel

Yesterday afternoon I finally got to meet a friend of mine. We’ve been talking (dogs mostly – of course, what else is there to talk about?) for ages over the web, but never met before. Her German Pinscher Sorrel was

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My weekend with Emily Larlham

I feel so lucky to have attended one of Emily Larlham’s seminars! Emily Larlham is such a great trainer! Out of all the trainers I know of, she is the only one I have yet to disagree with. I’ve liked

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The spring is here!

Finally! This winter has held a firm grasp on my part of the country (it’s still holding on tight in other parts), but now it seems as the spring is finally here. The snow is melting away more and more each day, and

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Relationships are based on trust, love, honesty and patience

Ingen Instragram-bilder ble funnet.