Luna getting a new friend and more training

The last few weeks have been very busy. I’ve gotten more hours at work, which I am very happy about, but this also means less time for everything else, including blogging, photography, and everything else there is to do with once’s spare time.

However, since I have my exams in just a few months (dog training) I am stressing about to teach Luna all the required behaviors and commands she needs to know. And since I still have a lot to learn myself, this is quite a slow progress.

Besides this, Luna has gotten a new friend lately: the Siberian Husky Mika. She’s a young sweetheart at only 9 months of age, and she’s so kind and gentle. Her owner invited me to train our dogs together with a friend of her a couple of days later, and while I didn’t manage to teach Luna any new things, I managed to come very far in teaching Hugin, my whippet, to spin. What will he not do for meatballs?

Now we are looking forward to Wednesday, as this is the first day in 4 (or 5) months that my dogs can run off leash in the woods! In Norway you’re not allowed to let your dog run freely during spring and summer, to protect the wildlife while all the baby animals are born and young, in addition to all the sheep and cows going around the woods this time of year. It will be great walking without having to hold on to the leash again. Once you’re spoiled with not having to, it sure is annoying when you do have to. 😉

And now for some pictures:

IMG_7161 copy IMG_7165 copy IMG_7171 copy IMG_7181 copy IMG_7230 copy IMG_7235 copy IMG_7243 copyLuna sitting pretty

IMG_7255 copy IMG_7274 copy

IMG_7310 copyThis is Donzi, a border collie male at nine months!

IMG_7344 copy
From our training

IMG_7388 copyHugin getting some well earned scratching!

IMG_7408 copy IMG_7418 copy

Hundetrener og hundeentusiast!

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2 kommentarer på “Luna getting a new friend and more training
  1. Tyskerfrua sier:

    Nydelige bilder, som alltid 🙂 Lykke til på eksamen som snart er like rundt hjørne =)

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