Luna showing off some of her tricks!

This is a short video (1:10) of Luna and some of her tricks. Enjoy!

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Luna getting a new friend and more training

The last few weeks have been very busy. I’ve gotten more hours at work, which I am very happy about, but this also means less time for everything else, including blogging, photography, and everything else there is to do with

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VIDEO: Luna playing and doing tricks!

I think you’re going to like this one! It’s a short video (2:06) and contains amazing shots, taken by my boyfriend, of Luna while doing tricks! Watch in High Definition and enjoy!

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Second weekend at my clicker trainer education

This weekend was my second one at the clicker trainer school. I only have one word to describe it: WOW! Just by adjusting some minor techniques in the way of presenting the treat and how we start and end the

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My weekend with Emily Larlham

I feel so lucky to have attended one of Emily Larlham’s seminars! Emily Larlham is such a great trainer! Out of all the trainers I know of, she is the only one I have yet to disagree with. I’ve liked

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Luna had a play date today

Today I had arranged a play date for Luna with the border collie Alfred. Alfred is two weeks younger than Luna, but weighs nearly twice as much as her. They liked each other from the first sniff, and together with

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Resource guarding

When I got Luna, she came with a pretty huge amount of resource guarding. Already the first week she growled at me for getting near something she viewed as her food, she later charged and attacked the cat next door when

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A few more days left to Emily Larlham’s seminar!

I am counting the days for Emily Larlham’s two-days seminar here in Norway. I am really looking forward to it, and I think it will be a great inspiration for me! After a quick talk with her I am allowed

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The most important aspect in dog training

As many of my readers already know, training dogs is a big part of my life. I enjoy interacting with my dogs, and I love to work out new, creative ways to teach my dogs something new. Now I know

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Video: Luna 7 months doing tricks!

In this video we just did some random tricks. She was very eager, a bit too excited and I was a bit slow at some parts, but we had fun!

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