Trening i vakker solnedgang..

Noen ganger er jeg ekstra heldig med lyssettingen i foto og filmer. I går gikk vi ut og trente i solnedgangen utenfor hagen, og jeg bare måtte filme og sette sammen klippene så fort jeg kom inn. Dette ble resultatet, og

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Nå er vi på GoPro sin YouTube-kanal!

I fjor sommer tikket det inn en mail i innboksen min. Den var fra en av de ansatte hos GoPro. Skepsisen min ble skyhøy og jeg tenkte først at dette bare var tull og noen ville prøve å lure meg,

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VIDEO: Luna playing and doing tricks!

I think you’re going to like this one! It’s a short video (2:06) and contains amazing shots, taken by my boyfriend, of Luna while doing tricks! Watch in High Definition and enjoy!

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Camping near «Langvann» in Norway

From Sunday to Monday I was out camping with my dogs. It was supposed to be from Sunday to Saturday, but due to the fact that both Hugin and I got hurt and that Luna wasn’t able to relax, we

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«Your dog is working for treats, not for you»

«Your dog is working for treats, not for you.» I can’t tell how many times I’ve heard that phrase. This is arguably one of the most common sentences from so-called traditional trainers. Mostly trainers that believe in dominating and correcting*

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My weekend with Emily Larlham

I feel so lucky to have attended one of Emily Larlham’s seminars! Emily Larlham is such a great trainer! Out of all the trainers I know of, she is the only one I have yet to disagree with. I’ve liked

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A few more days left to Emily Larlham’s seminar!

I am counting the days for Emily Larlham’s two-days seminar here in Norway. I am really looking forward to it, and I think it will be a great inspiration for me! After a quick talk with her I am allowed

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The most important aspect in dog training

As many of my readers already know, training dogs is a big part of my life. I enjoy interacting with my dogs, and I love to work out new, creative ways to teach my dogs something new. Now I know

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Video: Luna 7 months doing tricks!

In this video we just did some random tricks. She was very eager, a bit too excited and I was a bit slow at some parts, but we had fun!

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Luna 4 months showing off her tricks!

Here is a video from when Luna was only four months old. She had just learned the weaving the day before, so I was really proud of her. I will make a new video soon showing her new tricks now

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