The spring is here!

Finally! This winter has held a firm grasp on my part of the country (it’s still holding on tight in other parts), but now it seems as the spring is finally here. The snow is melting away more and more each day, and it’s no longer freezing cold outside. I can actually spend time outside without a jacket for the first time in months!

I am actually one of the seemingly few in Norway who loves the winter. I get just as excited every time the first snow is pouring down from the sky. Even so, I do get tired of it. Especially at the end when there’s only ice and more ice around. There’s no fun being outside when all you do is trying to keep balanced while sliding around in every direction. I can’t take Hugin with me in the woods, cause his feet and legs always start to bleed from the icy snow.

Another positive side to the spring is definitely the light. The sun is up from 6 am to 8 pm now, in stead of 9 am to 3 pm. If you live in the north the sun won’t come up at all during the winter. On the other side, it doesn’t set during the summer. At least it does that here.

I am really looking forward to hiking and camping this spring and summer. Luna is going to sleep in a tent for the first time in her life, and I think it will be a wonderful experience!

IMG_4324 copy This is a picture I took of Hugin in April last year. The winter is still fighting this year..

Hundetrener og hundeentusiast!

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5 kommentarer på “The spring is here!
  1. It’s not just Norway, Eva – the UK has had one of the coldest winters for some years. The wind here has come from the East (from Norway and Sweden) bringing cold temperatures, and our damp Atlantic weather bumped into the cold, so we had lots of late snow!

    Like you I love the snow, especially in our (small) mountains – I’ll be writing about a couple of trips in my blog soon. Meanwhile, we have the first signs of a thaw, so my skis and ice axe will be going back in the cupboard 😦

    • ebuhaug sier:

      I see! So we’re to blame for your winter! 😉

      Fortunately one can go hiking without skis, too! 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy the spring!

  2. Ja det skal jammen bli godt med vår og sommer, selv om jeg også elsker det når den første snøen kommer!

  3. […] The spring is here! ( […]

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