The greatness of the Norwegian summer!

If there’s something we up here in the cold north know to appreciate, it’s the summer! This year the summer was late. It’s been cold, dark and rainy, and it’s still wet and rainy. However, we’ve had several sunny days now, and even though I love the rain, it has been great to feel the sun warming my skin again.

Of course this has resulted in pictures of the dogs having fun! Enjoy some summer fun!
First: Luna and her good friend Alfred

IMG_6223 copy IMG_6242 copy IMG_6253 copy IMG_6295 copy IMG_6313 copy IMG_6323 copy IMG_6337 copy IMG_6345 copy

And some pictures of Hugin, Luna and Pixel

IMG_6544 copy

Getting the dogs to cooperate when taking a picture isn’t always easy

IMG_6348 copy IMG_6374 copy IMG_6388 copy IMG_6399 copy IMG_6406 copy IMG_6407 copy IMG_6414 copy IMG_6434 copy IMG_6439 copy IMG_6498 copy IMG_6528 copy IMG_6602 copy IMG_6606 copy IMG_6611 copy

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2 kommentarer på “The greatness of the Norwegian summer!
  1. Beautiful pictures of beautiful dogs 🙂

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