Pictures from meeting the German Pinscher Sorrel

Yesterday afternoon I finally got to meet a friend of mine. We’ve been talking (dogs mostly – of course, what else is there to talk about?) for ages over the web, but never met before. Her German Pinscher Sorrel was great! I have been babysitting a couple of German Pinschers before, but never seen one so calm. They are usually like these intense, jumping, high energy dogs, but Sorrel was just such a sweet soul! However, she was a pain to take pictures of. Just like my Whippet Hugin, she was only interested in sniffing the ground, leaving no good moments for portraits. I did get a bunch of great pictures in total, though:

IMG_6114 copyIMG_6017 copy IMG_6031 copy IMG_6034 copy IMG_6041 copyIMG_6042 copy IMG_6047 copy IMG_6058 copy IMG_6060 copy IMG_6066 copy IMG_6080 copy IMG_6110 copyIMG_6129 copy IMG_6142 copy IMG_6153 copy IMG_6169 copy IMG_6180 copy IMG_6190 copy IMG_6195 copy IMG_6200 copy IMG_6205 copy IMG_6210 copy

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  1. Gorgeous shots – what a lovely time they all had!

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