Luna had a play date today

Today I had arranged a play date for Luna with the border collie Alfred. Alfred is two weeks younger than Luna, but weighs nearly twice as much as her. They liked each other from the first sniff, and together with the jack russel terrier Ilex they played and ran around like crazy rabbits from the beginning to the end.

It is delightful to see Luna enjoying herself with new dogs. She’s not the most confident of girls, so it is great when all the training and hard work is giving results! Luna is such a sweetheart and has a strong body language, so as long as she’s able to relax she’s so great with other dogs. Attentive, alert, friendly, playful and always happy.

IMG_5122 copy IMG_5127 copy IMG_5136 copy IMG_5158 copy IMG_5167 copy IMG_5182 copy IMG_5205 copy IMG_5221 copy IMG_5222 copy IMG_5226 copy IMG_5237 copy IMG_5242 copy IMG_5252 copy

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7 kommentarer på “Luna had a play date today
  1. Stick, chase, wrestle … good stuff.

  2. pgperfetti03 sier:

    Awesome! What fun they are all having.

  3. I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award at my blog for inspiring me with lovely pictures of your dogs and of course the wonderful training tips and videos 🙂 Keep it up! Feel free to read about it and grab the badge at

  4. Brilliant action shots! They look like they are having fun.

  5. Oh my goodness, very soggy but happy dogs!

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