Second weekend at my clicker trainer education

This weekend was my second one at the clicker trainer school. I only have one word to describe it: WOW! Just by adjusting some minor techniques in the way of presenting the treat and how we start and end the short training sessions, Luna went from being all pumped up with stress and trying to show me all her tricks at the same time, to be calm and focused on the task!

It was a really fun weekend and I have learned so much more than I though I would. I am filled with motivation for training, and starting today, Luna and I are going to train almost every day so we hopefully will pass our exams in December. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for us!

This weekend we focused on criteria, fluency and securing the commands. We also learned how to effectively log our training to see just how much progress we gained (or didn’t gain). This is very helpful for our training as we can remember what exactly went wrong, what was successful and the surroundings when we trained.

During the upcoming weeks I will probably post a small bunch of training videos. I like to record my training as it is easier for me to see what I can improve in my ways of training. This will also give me more material for my new YouTube-channel (link in the sidebar). My new YouTube-channel will feature only training videos and my first channel will feature simple training videos (without much editing), more private videos (like the one from our camping trip) and other things that won’t have much to do with dog training. Feel free to subscribe and share my new channel if you want to!

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