Pictures from a beautiful evening

Yesterday evening I took my dogs for a walk off leash up in the hill. This is the first, real time I’ve let them run off leash since March this year because of the laws here in Norway. It was a welcome break from the leash, and I brought my camera too. 

We went outside just before the golden hour began so I would get great pictures. The dogs really enjoyed it, and now we can look forward to 7 months off leash again!

IMG_7430 IMG_7441 copy IMG_7456 copy IMG_7461 copy IMG_7466 copy IMG_7470 copy IMG_7485 copy IMG_7511 copy IMG_7526 copy IMG_7532 copy IMG_7540 copy IMG_7555 copy IMG_7560 copy IMG_7578 copy IMG_7599 copy IMG_7675 copy IMG_7692 copy IMG_7706 copy IMG_7711 copy IMG_7715 copy

Hundetrener og hundeentusiast!

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4 kommentarer på “Pictures from a beautiful evening
  1. Your pups are so beautiful! They look like they really enjoyed themselves. 🙂

  2. Tyskerfrua sier:

    Nydelige bilder, som alltid! Skikkelig høstfeeling over disse bildene.

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