Luna playing in the water with Alfred

Sunday afternoon I invited Alfred and his owners to the beach so the dogs could have fun in the water. Their Jack Russel Terrier Ilex tagged along too, and we spent over two hours to find a nice, quiet spot on one of the small beaches down the river. We had to give up, and drove to a big pond instead. At least it was quite empty there, as the afternoon had turned to evening and the sun had started to hide behind some clouds. Luna has started to really like Alfred, so we are looking forward to the next meeting!

IMG_5324 copy IMG_5340 copy IMG_5351 copy IMG_5361 copy IMG_5368 copy IMG_5372 copy IMG_5399 copy IMG_5422 copy IMG_5428 copy IMG_5435 copy IMG_5443 copy IMG_5457 copy IMG_5475 copy IMG_5521 copy

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Én kommentar på “Luna playing in the water with Alfred
  1. Raud Kennedy sier:

    You have some good shots there.

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