Luna posing in front of the camera

Yesterday after work I took Luna to the soccer field to play with the frisbee. My boyfriend came too (he was the one driving me home from work) and we started taking some pictures. Well, he took the pictures, I worked with Luna and her attention. I think all the pictures are taken by John, and they’re edited by me. Here is the result:

IMG_8417 copy IMG_8422 copy IMG_8489 copy IMG_8521 copy IMG_8529 copyWe are soon going down to the beach with two of her friends. I want to see if she will follow me long enough to actually take a swim this time. I haven’t been in the water yet this year, so it’ll be fun to see how cold it actually is now! Hugin doesn’t like water at all, so he’ll stay at home.

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3 kommentarer på “Luna posing in front of the camera
  1. Nydelige bilder ! 😀

  2. What wonderful photos of a very beautiful girl!

  3. moneyortime sier:

    He looks just like my boy! Great pictures 🙂

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