Playing with the frisbee

Yesterday Luna and I played with the frisbee again. I must say that I am very proud of this little girl! She has the best recall I’ve ever experienced in a dog, especially in such young dogs. She is only 7 months old, and she will almost turn midair when I call her. We have been training a lot on this, though, but to say that dogs will not learn this well without using a shock collar (I’ve heard that one several times) is only showing a lack of knowledge!

We played for about ten minutes before I decided it was enough. It’s important to remember that she’s only 7 months old and that her body can’t handle to much yet. In the same time, she is active anyway, so I know what she can handle. The last week her energy levels have been quite low comparing to her usual self. She’ll be in season very soon, so that must be the cause.

Here are some pictures from yesterday. They’re all taken by John Gjertsen and edited by me:

IMG_7148 copy IMG_7150 copy IMG_7164 copy IMG_7187 copy IMG_7197 copy IMG_7201 copy IMG_7237 copy

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6 kommentarer på “Playing with the frisbee
  1. Fantastic photos Eva, and a fine looking dog 🙂

  2. Nydelige bilder ! Får hun til å fange den i lufta ?

  3. Great looking photos! She is BEAUTIFUL. 🙂

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