More frisbee

Yesterday after work my boyfriend and I took Luna out for a small frisbee chase. She had a lot of energy after my long day at work, so we spent about five minutes of active frisbee play before we went

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Photos: Luna, Icey and Tara

Yesterday after work Luna got to play with a white shepherd named Icey. Icey’s owner, a co-worker of mine, owns a german shepherd as well, but Luna is quite afraid of bigger dogs. As Icey is so gentle she is

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Luna at the beach

This morning I took Luna to the beach. The spring is here, and Luna has started to like being in the water. It was a bit cold, but after a few jumps and toy chases she was nice and warm

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Video of Luna playing in the snow

This video is recorded some weeks ago. Luna is a highly energetic dog, and she will play like this for hours if she’s allowed to!

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