Photos: Luna, Icey and Tara

Yesterday after work Luna got to play with a white shepherd named Icey. Icey’s owner, a co-worker of mine, owns a german shepherd as well, but Luna is quite afraid of bigger dogs. As Icey is so gentle she is the perfect «big» dog to play with. After a while I put Luna back into the car and Tara, the german shepherd was let out to play as well. My boyfriend, John Gjertsen (link to his photo blog here) took some pictures and the result was stunning, as usual!


Tara 11 years old!


Icey looking like a normal dog. That is very unusual for her!


A not so charming portrait of Luna


Here Luna had just returned from chasing a motorcycle, and I was having a serious talk with her telling her she must not do things like that. Luna, who didn’t understand a single word, listened very carefully never the less!


This is the most beautiful picture ever taken of Luna! This is how I see Luna in real life, but I am never able to get that on camera. Lucky John got it!

IMG_7501 IMG_7511 IMG_7525 IMG_7543 IMG_7649

Hundetrener og hundeentusiast!

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3 kommentarer på “Photos: Luna, Icey and Tara
  1. Diana sier:

    These pictures are AWESOME.

  2. Knall flotte bilder 😀

  3. Flotte bilder! Icey er vaakker! Men så er jo jeg veldig svak for hvite hunder da, hihi 🙂

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