Introducing the frisbee to Luna

Yesterday I introduced the frisbee to Luna. As my plan for her is disc dogging, I decided it was time to introduce her for the frisbee now. We will of course wait with the serious training and heavy tricks until she’s older, but there’s no problem starting lightly now just to get her used to do something for the frisbee and to get her to love the frisbee as a reward.

The introduction was a huge success, and she chased it immediately. We threw it for about 6-7 minutes before I decided to go home again, and my boyfriend John Gjertsen took many great pictures. The three first are edited by me, and the last one is both taken and edited by him.


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4 kommentarer på “Introducing the frisbee to Luna
  1. Once again; really lovely photos

    • ebuhaug sier:

      Yes, my boyfriend is skilled! 🙂

      • For sure. What camera is he using and does he have a photography blog?

      • ebuhaug sier:

        He has a Norwegian photography blog. I think he’s about to start a English blog, so I’ll get back to you on that!

        I have no idea what camera he used. Or lens. I can’t even keep track on how many cameras he has. I think it’s two. I’ll ask him tomorrow. 😉

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